Temporary Employer/ Employee Relief Scheme (TERS)

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The Minister of Employment and Labour has announced measures that the Department will put in place to contain the spread of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) and its impact on UIF contibutors.

In line with the above regulation, the Minister has announced measures that the Department will put in place under the current special circumstance relating to the Corona virus (COVID-19) and its impact on UIF contributors. The Unemployment Insurance Fund will assist affected workers through existing benefits including Illness, Reduced Work Time, Unemployment and Temporary employer/ Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) benefits. The Unemployment Insurance Commissioner, after consultation with Unemployment Insurance Fund Executive, has also developed a COVID-19 Temporary Employer/ Employee Relief Scheme (COVID19TERS) to contribute to the containment of the Corona Virus and its impact.

The following is a quick user guide on how to navigate through Ufiling to access the COVID-19 TERS Employee Benefit which assists Employees to claim UIF relief. Employee applications are for the smaller employers who employ less than 10 staff.

Home Page


System will route you to the following URL for Employers - https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/covid19/

User must login or register to uFiling.

Enter UserName and Password

Unregistered Users :

Registered Users : image


Benefit Application and Payment

User is prompted to select Benefit Application and Payment on the left tab


Select COVID-19 TERS Benefit

A drop down menu will appear.
User must then click on COVID-19 TERS Benefit


User Application

The user has two options on the drop down


Application Criteria

The Application consists of 5 short sections


Download Employee Declaration


Accept the Terms and Conditions


Enter Employer UIF Reference Number and Company Name

Enter Banking Details or Confirm Banking Details

New Users are required to enter Banking Details

Registered Users


Capture COVID-19 Relief Details (Part A)


Once application is submitted; user will then see confirmation as per below with further instructions.


Acknowledgement Email

Upon successful submission of the Application; an email will be sent out to the user